Most Beautiful Hiking Trails In The World

Published on 02/16/2021

There are moments in life when there is nothing better than taking a real break. It’s just not enough for you to get on the plane to see some new place or to get in the car and drive off. Sometimes it just has to be a real adventure: just you, your backpack, nature, and nothing else! Here is a list of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world.

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Most Beautiful Hiking Trails In The World

Great Trail, Canada

With a total of 24,000 kilometers, the longest hiking trail in the world was completed in Canada only recently! An uninterrupted network of paths and hiking trails leads you from St. John’s in the east of the country to the west coast of Vancouver Island – in between you also have the option of numerous detours to the Northwest Territories.

Tokai Nature Trail, Japan

The Tokai Nature Trail in Japan is definitely one of the coolest long-distance hiking trails in the world. If you choose to travel the entire route, the best option is to book a flight to Tokyo and then make your way to Osaka from there. The more time you are able to take for it, the better. There are people who have completed the entire Tokai Nature Trail in under 50 days, but to be able to explore the great landscape of the Japanese hinterland, you should definitely plan 70 to 85 days.

Te Araroa, New Zealand

New Zealand is a dream destination for many! If the island state is also on your bucket list, then on Te Araroa you have the opportunity to discover the entire country from top to bottom on foot. Here you hike from the northernmost point of New Zealand’s North Island, Cap Reinga, to Bluff at the southern end of the South Island or vice versa. In between, there are over 3,000 kilometers where you really see everything New Zealand has to offer! And when camping in the remote nature of the country, you are sure to experience some great adventures.

Appalachian Trail, USA

The Appalachian Trail is a real American dream hike and one of the three Triple Crown trails. Your tour takes you through the Appalachian Mountains, which run along almost the entire east coast of the United States. If you choose to hike the full route, you can choose your starting point from either Mount Katahdin in northern Maine or Springer Mountain in Georgia.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path, UK

If there is one place in Europe that seems made for a really long hike, it is definitely the UK coastline! Here you can expect really cool stretches of coast with lonely bays and stark cliffs on one side and the typical sheep pastures on the other. So you are in the middle of nature and can switch off easily while hiking. Nevertheless, the next English village is not far away, so you can get food at any time and, conveniently, you never have to carry around more than a daily ration of food in your backpack.